Ambrosia Maple

Also known as wormy maple, this wood has a little more character with tiny wormholes and resulting streaks.

Today many people consider the unusual grain pattern to be decorative and woodworkers highly prize it for

tabletops and other visible areas of furniture.


White Maple

White maple is a very durable hardwood, commonly used in higher end pieces. Whiter undertones, subtle grain and fine even texture give this a cleaner, more modern look.


Oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. It has a beautiful more prominent wavy grain pattern and is resistant to dents and scratches.


Upholstery Options 



What are the Vinyl upholstery options?


Vinyl upholstery has a great resemblance to traditional leather. It has a slightly brighter, glossier sheen compared to leather and is resistant to damage and cracking. The longevity of vinyl is unmatched and can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Although it's not as durable as leather it can withstand dents and scratches for several years.


Vinyl photos here.



What are the Fabric upholstery options?


Our Fabric upholstery is mostly made of durable polyester, viscose and linen. Vacuuming or light brushing can help remove soil and prevent dirt embedding between fibers. Can also be washed carefully with water and mild solvent.


   Fabric photos here.



What are the Leather upholstery options?


Real leather upholstery is softer, supple and more durable than vinyl. It has noticeable texture and grain, becomes softer with time and won't crack or peel.Leather also breathes so it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.


        Leather photos here.